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We offer a wide assortment of new and old single issue comics, trade paperbacks, graphic novels, action figures/toys, games, cards, collectibles, statues/busts, t-shirts, buttons, posters, stickers, independent comics and independent art from local and national artists!!!

We offer a comfortable atmosphere to browse, shop and discuss your favorite characters, story lines, events, cross-overs, covers and artwork.  We love talking about new movies, TV shows, web series and other ways comic characters have influenced media and pop culture.

Are you a regular comic book collector or would you like to be?  Want to make sure you don’t miss a single issue?  Worried about missing out on a new release?  Check out our pull list form!  Complete the form and your information will come directly to us.  You’ll get a call from us within 24 hours to discuss the details and lock everything in so you can start picking up your books right away!  Remember:  Every Wednesday is new comic book day so each week you can pick up the new books released starting then!  Don’t miss a single issue!  Start your pull list today!

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