The Offical Webpage for The East Side Mags Commander Cup. Here you can see the offical rules, review standings, and sign up for future events!

Offical Rules
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Offical Rules


Deck Construction and General Points

  1. 100 card deck (including commander)
  2. 15 card sideboard
  3. You do not have to use the same deck every week
  4. Cards must adhere to the banlist found at
  5. Exceptions to these rules will be made for first time offensives with the agreement of players in the room and at the discretion of the judge
  6. After a first time offense, the player will be given an automatic loss
  7. You are expected to know how each card works, including interactions, if you don't know, ask!
  8. Each player must give each other player time to respond, ask questions and read cards
  9. Anthing not mentioned here is up to the discretion of the judge and these rules are subject to change

Game Procedure

  1. Players will be placed in pods of 3 or 4, depending on the number of participants
  2. Each player will play a regular, multiplayer game of commander with the following procedure:
    • Each player rolls a 20-sided die to determine who goes first
    • High role goes first and play proceeds to the left of the player
    • Once order is choosen, each player reveals their commander
    • Each player will then have 5 minutes to sideboard
    • Players shuffle and draw 7 cards
    • Each player is allowed 1 free mulligan
    • After the free mulligan, standard mulligan rules apply (draw one less, scry)
    • Games continue until only 1 player remains
  3. The winner of each pod will be added to the second round "Winner Pod" to determine the champion
  4. Other players will be randomly matched for round 2
  5. Pods must have a minumum of 3 players and a max of 4
  6. If there is only 1 pod for round 1, all players are automatically in the "Winner Pod"
  7. If there are only 2 pods, a 1v1 match between the 2 winners will occur
  8. The judge might play to round out pods, however, he cannot win
  9. If a juge wins a pod, the second place player will advance to the "Winner Pod"

Below is a chart describing points earned for each event

Place Points Awarded
1st 6
2nd 5
3rd 4
4th 3
Winner of Loser Pod 2
Participation 1

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The table below, updated weekly, displays the current rankings of each player who has participated.

Last Update: 10/29 - Game 5

Rank Name Total Points Games Played
1 Alex McClain 17 3
2 Max Collazo 15 3
3 Joe Vlasits 11 3
4 Adam Gaston 8 4
5 Harry Burns 7 4
5 Kevin Milligan 7 2
5 Julian Van Esselstine 7 5
6 Will Wexler 6 1
6 Charlie Burns 6 2
7 Mark Hatten 5 2
8 Chris George 4 1
8 Owen Wells 4 3
9 Carl Mercado 3 2
10 Daniel Paredes 1 1
10 James Davey 1 1
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Season 1 runs every Sunday until the holiday season. If you are interested in signing up contact East Side Mags directly.
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