DK Publishing and LEGO sponsored a kids costume contest at East Side Mags on Free Comic Book Day - May 2nd 2015!

Ladies and Gentlemen, your FCBD 2015 Costume Contest Winner is:

Thank you to all the great kids who came out in costume!  You can see all the runners-up below:

We're sitting on Cloud 9 right now and had the best day with Ron Marz and Tom Raney!

Ron Marz is a personal favorite of mine as I basically went through my teenage years of discovery at the same time Kyle Rayner was figuring out what to do with that Lantern ring of his.  When East Side Mags opened, one of the things I knew I had to do was meet Ron in person, thank him for the amazing stories he wrote (and continues to write - see John Carter Warlord of Mars, Skylanders, etc.) and find out if he'd be interested in coming to the shop for a signing.  Needless to say:

Picture courtesy of Steph Vargas

Tom Raney is AMAZING!  His art is fantastic, detailed and so crisp!  He breezed through at least a dozen sketches for customers today and he made it look effortless!  Check out the Facebook or Twitter feeds for some customer-posted pics but here's one of our Zombies Vs Robots sketch cover that we was gracious enough to do for us!

Great new friends and getting to host a legendary comic book writer 20 years in the making - like Ice Cube said - it was a good day...

Picture courtesy of Steph Vargas