East Side Mags was proud to host Paul Castiglia and Fernando Ruiz today in-store.  Writer and artist for Archie Comics, Paul and Fernando were amazing guests.  We stocked up on all things Archie, Paul brought some of his own work like Midnight Marquee Actors Studios:  Vincent Price (in which he wrote a chapter) among others and Fernando provided free sketches for our customers and signed copies of his work from Life with Archie, Archie's Weird Mysteries (of which he worked with Paul), Death of Archie, Archie's Favorite Christmas Comics and so much more!

Two nicer guys - you will NEVER meet.  Happy to talk to their fans about Archie or comics in general, they came, they saw, they drew and they laughed!  It was a true pleasure to have these guys with us today and extend the Halloween celebration for one more day!

Thank you to Paul and Fernando on behalf of Montclair and East Side Mags!  We had an amazing time!

East Side Mags is proud to present our 2nd winner in our Halloween Costume Contest!  Here is Isadora as ZOMBIE ANNA from Frozen.  

Great costume and she thought of it HERSELF - which is the best part!  Zombie Anna will get a free t-shirt and $10 store credit.

More costume contest winners coming soon...

East Side Mags would like to give a BIG thank you to all our trick-or-treaters and Halloween friends for coming out last night, sharing their costumes, partaking in free comic give-a-ways and just having an all-around blast for the festivities!

East Side Mags would like to give a HUGE shout-out and congrats to Faye and her amazing costume (Avatar Kyoshi) for the big "W" in the Fantasy/Sci-Fi Category!  (And thanks to Dad for a super-rad Guy Fawkes costume too!)

Faye won a free t-shirt and $10 in store credit!  

More costume contest winners coming soon...