He was there best there was at what he did.  And what he did wasn't always pretty.  But he was a solid soldier, a good friend, a formidable opponent, a cunning strategist and a respected teacher.  I am, of course, talking about Wolverine aka Logan aka James Howlett.

On Wednesday, 9/3, East Side Mags hosted a memorial service for the (soon to be) fallen hero while also commemorating the release of Death of Wolverine #1 by Marvel Comics.

We presented a eulogy and even had a guest appearance from Spider-Man who shared some his professional and personal thoughts from his previous experiences with Logan.  

Spidey brought along a set of dog tags, given to him by Mr. Howlett himself.  

Spider-Man's Eulogy Part 1

Spider-Man's Eulogy Part 2

It was a heart-felt moment and ESM dedicated its famed chalkboard wall to those who wanted to leave a message for the dearly departed.  The chalkboard wall will remain up all week for those to record their memories and share their thoughts with the community. 

We lost a great hero.  His death will surely leave scars and have ramifications across the entire Marvel Universe.  Time will tell what those ramifications will be - in the form of a series of upcoming comics centering on some of the people Wolverine was closest to and how they deal with his untimely demise.  

Don't forget - only issue #1 has been released!!!  To get the full story, get issues #2, #3 and #4 as they come out right here!!!

We had an AMAZING time at the Montclair BID’s sidewalk stroll on June 14th.  We had face painting for kids and a bunch of our super-hero / villain friends came out to show their support including Deadpool, Harley Quinn, She-Ra Princess of Power, the white Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, Wonder Woman and of, course Batman himself!  Our table outside and face painting area was also graced with Mary Jane Watson who also posed for a bunch of pictures with our very own (and the love of her life) Spider-Man!!!  We had an amazing time and we can’t wait for another great outdoor sale!!!  Maybe we’ll have our own coming up soon…