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Meet HSL Photography

Ever wonder where the amazing (and professional) photos on our website, Facebook page and other social media accounts come from?  Jeff isn't nearly that talented and Chris is an artist but no photographer!  

It's Howie of HSL Photography that takes all the amazing photos you see!

Come by East Side Mags on Sunday, December 18th and meet Howie in person, check out some of his awesome photography skills and find out more about the variety of events and sessions HSL can help out with!  He does cosplay shoots, fashion blogs, weddings or any other event you can think of that you want captured in pristine, clear photographs to commemorate forever!

He'll have prints of some of his previous photo shoots for sale and I'm sure he'll even sign the prints if you ask real nice! :)  He's a great guy - super professional - and East Side Mags stands by his work all day, every day!

About HSL Photography:  For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had some sort of camera in my hand.  Whether it was a disposable camera that I regularly bought at CVS during my teen years in the 90s or if it’s the DSLR I currently use, I’ve always loved the idea of giving memories a physical form.

Photography started to become more than a hobby for me one night in the late 2000’s when I took a long exposure of the ocean waters coming on to the shore by using the manual functions of my point n shoot camera.  From there I decided I want to take this hobby of mine more seriously and that led me to purchasing my first DSLR.

I’ve shot weddings, newborn portraits, corporate functions and everything in between and in the early 2010’s I found a way to combine my geeky side with my love for photography by shooting in the cosplay community.

Since finding my way there I’ve been published in several cosplay magazines, been featured on the cover of a book about cosplay in libraries written by an award winning author, become the official photographer for Garden State Comic Fest, the biggest convention in NJ, and have recently begun shooting for Hero Hair, a high end wig company whose work is featured in television, movies and on Broadway.