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East Coast Comic Con

East Coast Comic Con is coming and East Side Mags will be there - BIG TIME!

Come check out our giant booth (we know it's not about the size) and our massive selection (again with the size - ugh) of dollar comics, reduced price trades and hard covers, wall books and so much more!  We'll even have some surprises for people who come by our booth and give-a-ways too!

Here are some other awesome reasons to come check out East Coast Comic Con:

Arthur Adams - Marvel artist who worked on Longshot (1985), Fantastic Four, Classic X-Men, Incredible Hercules and Hulk.  He also worked on Action Comics (DC), Authority, Godzilla King of Monsters and Red Sonja!

Ken Lashley - artist who worked on titles such as (but not limited to) Excalibur, JLA, The Flash, Green Lantern, Black Panther and Age of Apocalypse!

George Perez - Who can count how many comics George Perez has worked on?  Certainly not us but here's a sampling of titles:  New Teen Titans, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wonder Woman, New Titans, Superman, Infinity Gauntlet - see where we're going with this? 

Lost In Space cast - Angela Cartwright (Penny), Mark Goddard (Don West), Marta Kristen (Judy) and Bill Mumy (Will Robinson) will ALL BE THERE!  DANGER!  DANGER!

Tony Todd - He played Zoom on CW's Flash TV series!  

Daniel Logan - he played young Boba Fett in the Star Wars Prequel Attack of the Clones!

This Con is AWESOME and you can score tickets here while supplies last!

See you all there!

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