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East Side Mages - DungeonMaster's Class

East Side Mages will be taking a short break from the campaigns you've been loving and destroying all year to offer some other skill classes.  We'll be back into the action in August, but until then check out our July plans!

Dungeonmaster's Class: July 14th and 28th ONLY 1-5pm  $50

Want to sit on the other side of the table?  Have a group of friends that have been bugging you to play?  This class is for current and future DM's who want to learn how to build believable worlds, interesting NPC's and towns, and how to run a game.  Session one will focus on the prep work: building your combat encounters, identifying story arcs, structuring beats and plot devices.  Each DM will be tasked with creating a simple campaign over the break and building at least one encounter  for session two, where the class will run through each other's quests with murderhobo-ey abandon to find the places where their players will break their games and reduce them to sobbing wrecks.  Ok, that's just me.

Limited spots available! Sign up below:

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