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Meet Patrick Wilson - Aquaman's Orm!

UPDATE (12/10/18): Some things to note in advance of Saturday:

1. The weather prediction for Saturday might call for rain. The line will be OUTSIDE. Please plan accordingly. We have a small shop and will only be letting in small groups of people at a time.

2. When you get inside the shop, PLEASE GO TO THE REGISTER FIRST to pay for your item(s). Then, you will wait in line along the other side of the store for your turn for signatures and pictures.

3. Reminder: you may bring TWO (2) personal items from home and MUST BUY AT LEAST ONE (1) ITEM from East Side Mags. We appreciate your patronage as a portion of the proceeds will be going to charity.

4. The line is expected to cross in front of a few other businesses on the block and possibly a driveway. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF OUR NEIGHBORS.

5. You are welcome to come by the shop as early as you want. WE WILL START LINING PEOPLE UP AT 12PM NOON.

6. We accept cash and credit cards. We are not set up for Apple or Samsung Pay at this time. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

7. If you have any further questions, please let us know.

We have Wave 2 (final wave) of items available for purchase coming tomorrow. Any other notes will be made available here (the Facebook Event Discussion page).

We are SO excited to see everyone. Looking forward to meeting everyone on Saturday!

-Team East Side Mags

East Side Mags had an amazing year already so it wouldn’t seem right to end 2018 without yet another MAJOR signing event!

This holiday season, welcome the King of Seas – ORM THE OCEAN MASTER aka Patrick Wilson, to the East Side Mags family! I mean, we’ll find out next week if he keeps the throne but for now, he’s King of the Seven Seas!

Patrick Wilson is a Montclair local, an amazing actor, singer and one of the nicest people you will EVER meet!  He’s a comic fan’s mainstay having taken on the role of Night Owl in Watchmen and now Orm, the Ocean Master, in Warner Bros & DC Comics big screen adaptation of Aquaman alongside Jason Mamoa, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

Patrick will be here on December 15th from 2pm-5pm to hang out with fans and sign stuff like Orm POP Vinyls, Aquaman promotional items and more! We will also be donating a portion of our proceeds to a charity of Patrick’s choice!

Details on the signing are as follows:

PATRICK WILSON as Orm/Ocean Master in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure “AQUAMAN,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures & © DC Comics

  • East Side Mags will have related items for sale: Patrick has portrayed a variety of roles in both comic book movies, horror movies and more. East Side Mags is asking each attendee to buy at least one (1) item from the store and will have POP vinyl figures of Orm, NYCC exclusive movie poster variant cover Aquaman comics featuring the cast and more items reflecting Patrick Wilson’s career in movies and pop culture.

  • Guest are invited to bring personal items:  East Side Mags is inviting attendees to bring up to two (2) personal items from home for Patrick to sign.

  • No tickets required: Everyone coming to the event will be asked to form a line and the signing will be on a first come, first served basis.

  • Photos: Patrick Wilson will, in fact, be available for photos with attendees when they are getting their items signed

  • Community: East Side Mags and Patrick Wilson are going to be donating a portion of the proceeds from the signing to a charity TBD (more info coming soon).

Need a seriously awesome and unique holiday gift? This is your best chance to get something that you will NOT be able to get anywhere else, meet a great Hollywood actor portraying an amazing comic character and have an experience to last you at least until the sequel comes out!

So walk, run, swim, boat or fly as fast as you can to East Side Mags on 12/15!

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Livewire Signing

Join East Side Mags and Valiant Comics for a pop-up signing unlike ANY other in the comics industry to date!

Valiant Comics is launching a brand new Livewire series - written by Vita Ayala - and East Side Mags is SUPER PROUD to have Vita back in our space! She’s literally the nicest person you’ll ever meet and has written awesome stories like The Wilds (Black Mask Studios), Submerged (Vault Comics) and Twisted Romance (Image Comics).

In addition to meeting Vita, you’ll be able to get Livewire #1 signed!

Valiant will be here as well and, as one of the hardest working publishers in the business, we’ll have a single copy of the Livewire #1 GLASS COVER variant! Yes! Valiant has a 1:250 variant featuring a real GLASS cover!

Come by between 1pm-2pm, get a copy of Livewire #1, get it signed, hang out with Vita and check out a comic with a glass cover! Can’t wait to see you all here!

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Betty & Veronica Signing

Just in time for the holidays - Archie Comics is taking OVER East Side Mags!

Betty & Veronica #1 is out and we’ve got writer Jamie Lee Rotante here from 1pm-4pm! She’ll be signing copies of the new hit B&V comic and hanging out with us! If her name sounds familiar, that’s cuz you’ve probably read or heard about the Betty & Veronica Vixens series or maybe you’ve just read some of her live punk music reviews for Razorcake or even some of her satirical / humor articles for!

Regardless of how you know her, you know she’s a fire ball and we’re super excited to get to hang out with her right before the holidays! We’ll have copies of Jamie’s work on hand for her to sign and we’ll be listening to awesome music so come hang out!

To top it all off, we’ll also be hosting a special pop up shop for the new Betty & Veronica clothing line! More details on this are coming soon…

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Artist Party - Paul Belliveau

Meet Paul Belliveau! You might have seen his Darth Maul prints hanging in the shop. He’s an amazing artist and we’re BIG fans of his work so we’ve decided we can’t keep him to ourselves - it’s time to share him with the WORLD!

Paul moved to Glen Ridge from Brooklyn in 2014 with his wife. He went to NYU for Painting and studied Traditional Animation at the School of Visual Arts (SVA). He’s a huge comic fan and has worked from companies like Fleer and Skybox, he worked as an animator for Between the Lions on PBS has worked as a storyboard artist for TV Commercials.

Paul will be hanging out with us from 1pm-5pm, sketching on blank covers and honing his skills as he gets ready to launch his Kickstarter next year called The 20k!

Come meet Paul and find out more info about his upcoming Kickstarter, what it’s like to be an animator and an artist and maybe he’ll even tell you his favorite place to get baked goods and homemade candy!

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Local Comic Shop Day 2018

Local Comic Shop Day is here again and, as always, we appreciate the love and support and support that you - the community - have shown us over the years!

That’s why we plan to bring you the BEST LCSD event we can pull together! With that in mind, may East Side Mags present:

THE EXCLUSIVES: LCSD allows us access to dozens of exclusive variant covers, special items and signed comics that you can ONLY get in participating local comic shops. That’s US! Check out some of the cool items we’ve got for you (at cover price, NOT inflated collectible pricing) like:

THE SKETCHING: Join rockstar local artists Brigid Allanson, Angie Fernot and Nick Justus from 1pm-5pm as they sketch on blank cover comics and offer up prints, original artwork and more for sale! Let’s face it, comics would just be books without the art and these 3 make a trifecta to be reckoned with! You won’t find a better collective of amazing artists outside of a comic convention in 2018!!!

THE SALE: Believe it or not, we still have some LCSD exclusives left over from previous years and a TON of comics in our possession. It’s kinda what we do. So here’s the details on the sale:

  • 50% off all previous year’s LCSD exclusives

  • 50% off select (tagged) wall books

  • Buy 2 - Get 1 FREE bin back issues (and the boxes under them)

  • 3 for $25 (regularly priced) Funko POP Vinyls

Plus - don’t forget we’ve got dollar boxes that go from one wall to the other so have at it and remember, not only are they $1 each but you can get 12 for $10 or 25 for $20!!!

Here are some details regarding out sale this Saturday:

*Items already on hold prior to the sale are not discountable
*Store credit cannot be used for sale items
*Fully stamped reward cards cannot be used for sale items

We’ll also have some surprises and give-a-ways throughout the day so get here early, stay late and LONG LIVE LOCAL COMIC SHOPS!

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Juke Joint and Bingo Love JACKPOT EDITION

Tee Franklin - an amazing friend of East Side Mags - makes her awesome return with a new ongoing comic and the JACKPOT edition of a fan-favorite!

Tee will be here from 1pm-5pm alongside letterer (and hardest working man in comics) Taylor Esposito to sign copies of their new ongoing comic - Jook Joint!

About Jook Joint (out NOW): Mahalia runs the hottest spot in all of 1950s New Orleans. The Jook Joint keeps the jazz popping, people bopping... and the women? The women are to die for. There's only one rule: "Keep your hands to yourself." But some men think rules don't apply to them, and Mahalia and her coven of slain women enjoy reminding them that they most certainly do.

We’ll also have copies of the Jackpot edition of Bingo Love featuring art by our VERY OWN FAMILY CHRISTOPHER WOLFFE! Yes - you heard it here first - Chris has been published in an IMAGE COMICS collection!

About Bingo Love: When Hazel Johnson and Mari McCray met at church bingo in 1963, it was love at first sight. Forced apart by their families and society, Hazel and Mari both married young men and had families. Decades later, now in their mid-'60s, Hazel and Mari reunite again at a church bingo hall. Realizing their love for each other is still alive, what these grandmothers do next takes absolute strength and courage. 

This Jackpot Edition contains over SIXTY PAGES of bonus material, including the talents of MARGUERITE BENNETT (Batwoman) and newcomer BEVERLY JOHNSON, SHAWN PRYOR (Cash and Carrie) and PAULINA GANUCHEAU (Zodiac Starforce), award-winning historical romance author ALYSSA COLE's comics writing debut with SHAE BEAGLE (MOONSTRUCK), GAIL SIMONE (CROSSWIND) and MARGAUX SALTEL (Superfreaks), and AMANDA DEIBERT (Wonder Woman '77) and CAT STAGGS (CROSSWIND), with illustrations from MEGAN HUTCHINSON (ROCKSTARS) and ARIELA KRISTANTINA (InSeXts). Plus a sneak peek of BINGO LOVE, VOL. 2: DEAR DIARY, with an afterword from GABBY RIVERA (America).

WOW! That’s a lot of awesome-ness! Make sure you come by and check out what one of today’s hottest indie writers is all about!

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Walking Dead Day

Come by East Side Mags and join us as we celebrate all things Walking Dead!

We’ll have a whole bunch of exclusive Walking Dead Blind Bag variants! Each blind bag has a reproduction of classic milestone moments from Walking Dead comics but that’s not all!!! Each blind bag has the possibility of a color variant (50% chance), color virgin variant (25% chance), black-and-white variant (15% chance) or a black-and-white virgin variant (10% chance).

Stick around for an appearance by Brazilian artist Adriana Melo who is killing it on DC Comic’s Plastic Man series! Adriana will be here from 1pm-5pm and will be sketching for customers! Come say hi, fresh off her New York Comic Con debut, and hang out with us!

We’ll also have VERY SPECIAL Walking Dead dollar raffle prizes available and some really cool Walking Dead give-a-ways! Stay tuned for details!

Walking Dead Day is ALL DAY but get here early! Blind bag variants and give-a-ways are only available while supplies last!

And don’t forget to check out the new season of Walking Dead on AMC starting October 7th!!!

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BEST Batman Day 2018 EVER


East Side Mags is celebrating everything Batman and we want to cordially invite you to celebrate with us!

We've got some great Batman-related stuff going on ALL DAY LONG including a very SPECIAL guest appearance by 2 comic legends!!!

We'll have some FREE Batman Comics that we're giving out all day (1 per customer)! A special re-print of Batman White Knight #1 and a special re-print of Batman: Lil Gotham Batman Day 2018 Special Edition #1 (for all ages)! 

We'll also have a variety of FREE Batman and Harley Quinn masks that we're giving out (1 per customer).

We are also PROUD to announce that the legendary Tom Raney and Scott Hanna will be joining us from 1pm-5pm.  Tom and Scott will be sketching for customers and we'll have blank cover comics available as well!

Scott has worked on so many DC and Marvel comics that we literally don't have enough storage space on the website to list everything but if you've read a Marvel or DC Comic anytime between 1990 (ish) and today, you've most likely seen his work.  He is a HUGE addition to our Batman Day event and we're super happy he's able to take the time to come hang out with us.

Tom Raney, over the past 20 years has spent his time predominantly at Marvel and DC, he’s drawn a bit of everything, from XMen to Batman. Superman to the Hulk. Notably, he’s revamped Stormwatch with Warren Ellis, the Outsiders with Judd Winick, co-created Threshold with Keith Giffen, and co-created Mutant X. While still producing work for Marvel and DC he recently drew Dread Gods, for Ominous Press.

To top it all off, we'll be playing Batman movies ALL DAY and we'll have some Batman Dollar Raffles going on as well! Stay tuned for details and available prizes for our raffles!

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End of Summer Signing

East Side Mags is gearing up to end Summer with a BANG! and an amazing signing featuring some up-and-coming talent!

Join Liana Kangas, Sally Cantirino and Taylor Esposito as they sign comics, sketch for customers and regale us with stories of conventions past!

We'll have copies of Sally's work with Black Mask Studios, a TON of stuff that Taylor worked on and Liana's newest release - the 2000 AD Summer Special!

Let's ring out Summer with an awesome signing and have some fun!!!

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Dummie Comics Signing

Dummie Comics is IN THE HOUSE! Come check out one of North Jersey's PREMIERE Indie Comic Publishers!

So many great titles - with literally something for everyone! With thrillers, superheroes, horror and more, Dummie Comics brings the indie game to the next level.

Come hang out with Kalani Caraballo from 1pm-5pm, get some great comics signed and learn about what it's like to be an indie publisher!

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W.A.R. #1 Official Release Party

Come celebrate the official release date (August 4th) of Christian Espiritusanto's first issue comic book debut of Warriors Amongst Realms. 

It’s going to be an exciting day for everyone of all ages so please come join us and have a great time with us at this fantastic event! Hope to see you there!

Christian will be here from 1pm-5pm, signing copies of his new comic and sketching for customers!

Don't miss this amazing local artist and writer!

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Drachein Signing with Allen Watson

East Side Mags is super-excited to welcome back our good friend Allen Watson - Kubert School graduate and one hell of an artist!!! He's got a book out that we were lucky enough to catch and back on Kickstarter called Drachein and we think it's gonna be a HIT! Plus - he's a local guy and we LOVE supporting local artists!!! Check out some info below!

The Team

Drachein is written by Daniel Curtin with art by Allen Watson (Shrptooth), and brought to life with colors by Tamas Vargas. The first issue also features variant covers from Wesley St. Claire (Fu Jitsu, Teen Titans Annual) Hugo Petrus (Nick Fury,Batman)

The Story

Drachein is an American fantasy epic set in a vast continent bearing the same name: Drachein. Drachein is a nation made of many tribes, collectively known as The Drachein. The Drachein are divided by their endless differences, yet united in their stand against the mighty Second Empire. With their enemy initially vanquished, the Drachein fell when their internal differences grew too tall. The malevolent survivors of the Second Empire regained strength in the cracks of the divided nation of Drachein and with a final blow destroyed the remnants of this once mighty people. Hence forth, the nation of Drachein was nothing more than ruins and empty memories. Aiyana, just a young girl, faces the aftermath of this conflict, not knowing that she is the last of the Drachein royal bloodline. Living as the protégé to Kanna, Aiyana must overcome her obstacles and reunite the Drachein once more.

The signing will be from 1pm-5pm (or later) and we'll have copies for sale.  Additionally, Allen will be sketching for customers so get ready cuz Drachein is coming!!!

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to Jul 8

Garden State Comic Fest: Morristown Edition

GSCF is being held July 7-8th 2018 at the Mennen Arena in Morristown NJ. 

We invite you to come out and meet some of your favorite artists and creators as well as the best comic and toy vendors around! There will be contests, games, and fun for the whole family. So come out and celebrate your favorite Super Heroes!!!!

Tickets are available here.

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We Are Danger Signing

Written and drawn by Fabian Lelay, this issue is going to rock your soul!

Join us for a signing with our great friends Fabian and letterer Taylor Esposito from 1pm-5pm on June 23rd.

About We Are Danger: Starting as the new girl in your senior year of high school is never easy, and Julie Malliari is having a terrible first day- until she meets Tabitha. After a night out at a rock show, their friendship quickly grows and, before they know it, the two form a band with their sights set on a record deal... they just need to win it in a nationwide Battle of the Bands competition. With Tabitha's rival keen to take the prize for herself, it's a battle not to be missed...

Do you like friends? Do you like rock n roll?  Then this comic is totally for you!

Come by. Say hi. Get a copy of #1 signed and let's rock Montclair to its core!

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In A Rut Comics Debut

Join local comic creators Eros Livieratos and Maria Sweeney for the debut of the 3rd issue of In A Rut Comics!

In the issue the creators spotlight Montclair, NJ and several other local spots so it is fitting they chose Montclair's local comic shop for the unveiling! 

Get all 3 issues - get em signed - get em drawn on and support local comic creators! There will be other goodies and surprises too!!!

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Where We Live Signing

East Side Mags isn't just about our community but community across the country and the world! In the spirit of community, we are joining with the comics community to support the victims of the recent Las Vegas shooting by hosting a special signing for the new anthology WHERE WE LIVE - proceeds from which go to support the victims of the worst mass shooting in modern American history. 

This book is amazing! It includes fictional stories as well as actual eye-witness accounts all told by an all-star lineup of top talent working in comics today! Exploring themes like gun violence, common sense gun control, value of a compassionate society, mental health stigmatization, aftermath of tragedy and how individuals and communities persevere and an appreciation of Las Vegas as a vibrant community, this collection is sure to move you to your core!

Joining us is a rockstar group of artists, writers and contributors including:

All charges for sketches by artists will be donated to support the victims of the shooting.  And to do our part - East Side Mags will be donating 10% of our overall sales as well!

Come on out and pick up a great anthology, support a great cause, get an awesome sketch and come hang out with us!

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Sidewalk Sale

East Side Mags is proud to partner with Montclair Center for a massive sidewalk sale! 

Come to Montclair Center and enjoy the weather, great food and sales, discounts and specials from dozens of your favorite eateries and retailers!!!

We are happy to announce that, in addition to our amazing, one-of-a-kind signing taking place that day, we are donating 10% of our overall sales to support the victims of the Las Vegas shooting.

In addition, we will have a LIMITED collection of DVD movies for sale - ranging from $3 to $8 each!

Did we mention our massive collection of dollar comics? We've got so many dollar comics that we're offering 12 dollar comics for $10 or even 25 dollar comics for $20!!! Come check it out!

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Free Comic Book Day 2018

It's the most. WONDERFUL. Time of the YEAR!

It's FREE COMIC BOOK DAY and we've got some real exciting stuff planned so keep up with our Facebook page to get updates but the basics are all here!

We're opening EARLY - like 9am early. So you have time to get your hands on some awesome issues!

There are some truly awesome FREE COMICS that will be available including, but not limited to Riverdale, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, DC Comics, Barrier by Brian K Vaughn, Avengers, Pokemon, Miraculous, Simpsons/Bongo Comics, Adventure Time, Legend of Korra, Amazing Spider-Man, Spongebob Squarepants and MORE!!!

We've got almost everything in the store ON SALE for 20% OFF except new comics, dollar comics, supplies, select wall books and art work.  But that still means you can save BIG on items like Funko POPs, action figures, statues, trade paperbacks, hard cover books and bin back issues!!!  

Our famous DOLLAR RAFFLES are back and we'll have some really, truly awesome items available so stay tuned to more info!

Also - if you spend $100 or more, you will get a fully stamped reward card PLUS five (5) extra stamps ($50 value)!!!

Did someone say guests?  We've got some great guests for you!

How about legendary painter / artist GREG HILDEBRANDT! Greg will be joined by the amazing Angela Fernot and will be here from 12pm-5pm.  He'll be taking sketch requests, have prints for sale as well as copies of his Tolkien book!

Greg is happy to sign items that customers either buy from ESM or bring themselves - up to 3 FREE! After that, there is a $10 charge per additional signature.*** Military veterans (with Military ID required) get special pricing and up to 6 free signatures. 

***Greg's cover for Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 is the only exception. There is a charge to sign this of $50 as Greg will ONLY EVER sign 50 copies lifetime!

Greg will NOT be sketching in store but will take requests to be mailed to customers once completed at his studio.  Customers who want a sketch must buy a sketch cover from East Side Mags and leave it with Greg in addition to payment BEFORE leaving the store including $10 for shipping.  Pricing is as follows:

  • Pencil sketch by Greg - Head Sketch ($50), Bust Sketch ($100), Full Figure ($150) with additional figures $100 each
  • Inks available by Angela Fernot (over Greg's pencils) - Inked Head ($30 additional), Inked Bust ($50 additional), Inked Full Figure ($100 additional) with additional inked figures $75 additional each
  • Color sketches (pencils by Greg, inks by Angela Fernot, coloring and final art by Greg) start at $150+ with final price to be determined per individual request

Greg is also happy to take commission requests from interested buyers but will only be accepting painting and black board commissions.  Sketch commissions will only be available via Sketch Covers purchased from East Side Mags.

Greg is also happy to take photos with fans!!!

We've also got KEIKI EXPLORERS SUMMER CAMP in the house! If you've got kids, this is the BEST summer experience you can imagine!  Each day is a special field trip somewhere and the experiences your kids get will last a lifetime!

Last, we've got out amazing COSPLAY CONTEST with special guest judges! Come by in costume or cosplay and we'll take your picture and contact info.  At the end of the day, our special COSPLAY CONTEST JUDGES will vote on a BEST KIDS COSTUME and BEST ADULT COSTUME (Adult as in age NOT appropriateness so let's try to keep it clean, huh?).  We'll have some really awesome prizes for the winners too!

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Open Book/Open Mind: Luke Cage -The Power of a Black Superhero

The Power of a Black Superhero event will feature Cheo Hodari Coker, Executive Producer, Creator, and Head Writer of the Netflix TV show Luke Cage in conversation with Gail Barringer, a Montclair resident and producer of Luke Cage. “Marvel’s Luke Cage” is the third show in the Netflix-original Defenders series. The discussion will include the challenges of writing drama for a television series, the rise of comic book heroes and graphic novels, and the cultural importance of different superheroes. Chen and Gail will be joined by two of the talented actors from the series: Karen Pittman “Inspector Ridley” and Sean Ringgold “Sugar”.

East Side Mags will have comic books for purchase and signing at the event.  The event is free thanks to support by grants from our sponsors, The Montclair Foundation and Investors Foundation. Registration below is encouraged. Teens are welcome.

For more information, click here.

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Women's Empowerment Event

Comics.  They're for everyone.  Men. Women. Kids. EVERYONE. But on April 21st, we're shining the spotlight extra bright on the Women that make this industry so amazing! It's Women's Empowerment Week in Montclair and East Side Mags is super proud to bring you some of the most powerful names in comics for a VERY SPECIAL event!

Come by between 1pm and 5pm and meet:

East Side Mags will also be donating 10% of our total sales from the day to SAVE of Essex County and Family Service League! Anything you buy - literally anything - we'll take 10% of that and donate it to helping women across the county and North Jersey! We'll also be accepting physical item donations.  

UPDATE (3/15/18):  Here is a list of items that you can donate as well to support Family Service League/SAVE of Essex County! We'll be collecting the items at the shop during this event or you can drop them off at any time either before, during or after the event:

  • Sweatpants- L/XL only
  • Tshirts- L/XL only
  • Deodorant
  • Shampoo/Conditioner (travel size)
  • Bags for the kits

We're always happy to accept donations that will help people in need! Contact us with any questions.

We hope everyone can make it out for this amazing event.  We're hoping to add a few more guests so stay tuned for more details!

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This Nightmare Kills Fascists - A Signing

East Side Mags is proud to present to you: This Nightmare Kills Fascists!

This comic anthology is brought to you by the awesome mind of Eric Palicki and gives you horror, in the vein of Creepy and Eerie comics, but reflects on the world politics as told by some of today's TOP comic talents!

This book starter as a Kickstarter - which East Side Mags was happy to back - and is now being brought to you LIVE and IN-PERSON featuring some really awesome people like:

-Tyler Chin-Tanner (writer)

-Matt Miner (writer)

-Sean Von Gorman (artist)

-Vita Ayala (writer)

-Joe Corallo (writer)

-Soo Lee (artist, not pictured yet)

The event will take place from 2pm-6pm.  Our esteemed guests will be signing copies of the book and hanging out with fans! Come check it out! This anthology is not something to be missed!

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1:30 PM13:30

Montclair Literary Festival Special Event

Join us from 1.30 - 2.30 pm! 

Rich Douek (writer, Gutter Magic, TMNT Universe) will be here!

If you love comics and fantasy, or are interested in writing, step down the road for an hour this afternoon to Montclair's comic book store East Side Mags. Montclair writer and graphic novelist Rich Douek will be signing copies of Gutter Magic, his urban fantasy series, talking about writing comics and breaking into the industry, and answering your questions.  Ages 8 and up

Venue: East Side Mags, 7, S Fullerton Ave.

Rich Douek is a writer, copywriter, and graphic designer working in New York City. He has written comics for Comixtribe, Red Stylo Press and IDW Publishing, and helmed award-winning advertising campaigns for clients such as Snickers, FedEx, and Foot Locker. He is the creator of Gutter Magic, an urban fantasy series, and the forthcoming series Wailing Blade. He has written for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics line. Born in Queens, NY, Rich and his family moved to Montclair four years ago, and have loved the town, and community ever since.

About the Montclair Literary Festival:

Montclair Literary Festival March 15-18, 2018. 

Succeed2gether launched the Montclair Literary Festival in 2017 to engage the entire community in a celebration of reading, books, and Montclair’s vibrant and diverse literary scene.

The 2018 festival will run from March 15-18, with more than 90 authors taking part in 50 events, including ticketed events with Patti Smith, Tom Perrotta, Anna Quindlen, Meg Wolitzer and Christina Baker Kline, and a full program of free book talks, panel discussions, author signings, workshops and children’s activities. Go to for full details and to purchase tickets. The festival is presented by Succeed2gether in conjunction with Montclair State University, Montclair Public Library, Watchung Booksellers and Montclair Art Museum.  

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Sketch Fun with Chris Campana

East Side Mags is super-stoked to welcome back the amazing Chris Campana! Chris is the creator of First World - an fantastic fantasy book with stunning art and glue-to-your-seat writing! If you haven't gotten a chance to check it out, now's the time! And you'll have the opportunity to get it signed!!!

Chris will be hanging out drawing on sketch covers for fans! Come by and pick up an amazing original piece of art for yourself or a fan in your life! Just check out some of the rad stuff Chris has drawn already!

NOW WITH MORE NICK JUSTUS! Join Chris, Nick and the East Side Mags crew for a ton of sketching fun!!!

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Adventure Time Artist Alexandra Beguez

If you had to pick between Jake or Finn - who would you pick? We don't have an answer either! But you can always ask Adventure Time upcoming artist Alexandra Beguez!

Alexandra is an illustrator, cartoonist, and giant Star Trek nerd based in New Jersey. Her comics and illustrations appear in The Nib, Adventure Time Comics/BOOM! Studios, Buzzfeed, Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream, Ink Brick, Quarter Moon, and Carboncito, among others. Her work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators, Latin American Ilustración, 3x3, and Creative Quarterly. She recently got the opportunity to draw a short story in the recently released Adventure Time #19! 

Alexandra will be here from 1pm-4pm, signing copies of Adventure Time #19 and sketching for customers.  Come meet this super-talented, up-and-coming artist!!!

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10:00 AM10:00

Bingo Love Signing

Bingo Love is a totally original graphic novel by Tee Franklin (creator, writer).  It's a story about 2 women who meet at Bingo with their grandmothers and sparks start to fly.  The story spans 50 years and tells a story of love, TRUE love, happiness and being true to yourself!

Tee will be here from 10am-1pm, signing copies of her book and hanging out with everyone! The book doesn't officially hit the shelves until February 14th (Valentine's Day) but this is your chance to get an advance copy and hang out with the creator herself!

Looking for that awesome and original Valentine's Day gift for the one you love?  This book has everything you need.  It's a heartfelt, warm and loving story - totally apart from the superheroes and sci fi comics have been known for. 

Celebrate diversity.  Celebrate love.  Celebrate a good read.

This book has it all!

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Mine! Signing to Support Planned Parenthood

East Side Mags is a proud community sponsor and we're super happy to support Planned Parenthood - a rad organization that provides much needed medical attention to the communities that they serve!

A ton of creators (some we know, some we hope to meet soon) have come together and put an anthology together called Mine! in support of Planned Parenthood with profits going to support the organization.  We were quick to jump on the Kickstarter when we saw it and now we're buying additional copies so we can bring you a handful of the amazing minds that contributed to this much-required reading material!

Hang out with Dave Kelly (So What Press), Matt Miner (Gwar Orgasmageddon, Toe Tag Riot), Liana Kangas (Independent comic artist and contributor) and Fabian Lelay (Jade Street Protection Services) and Jude Vigants (Independent artist and contributor).

Join us from 1pm-6pm on Saturday, January 27th! Writers and artists will be signing copies of the book that we'll have for sale and artists will be sketching for customers too! Don't miss this one-of-a-kind, East Side Mags event!  

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Holiday Artist Party

The holidays are coming up quick and what makes a better gift than some original art by some of NJ and the comics industry's newest up-and-coming artists!

Come by East Side Mags on 12/17, 12pm-5pm and get a rad, one-of-a-kind sketch from Brian Benjamin, Dillon Snook or Travis Williamson of the Kubert Art School in Dover, NJ! Or get a jam piece going with a little sketch from ALL 3! The only limit is your imagination!

Buy a sketch cover, get a free pencil sketch. Want inks and/or full color? There's an additional charge but you pay the artist directly! Get a great sketch for the holidays and help these guys make a little coin in the process! Support local artists!

Happy holidays!

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A Kitty Kitty Christmas

Who wouldn't want a doll of Kitty Ravencraft?  It seems no one.  So how do you create demand?  Why - you kill off the original Kitty to make it highly collectible! Duh!

That's the story behind the newest Die Kitty Die special by Fernando Ruiz and Dan Parent - out just in time for Christmas.  And guess what? We've got FERNANDO RUIZ himself at our shop to hang out, sign copies of the Christmas special and sketch for FREE for customers! 

Buy a book - get a sketch.  So simple and it'll make a GREAT holiday gift!

Fernando will be here from 1pm-3pm so get here early and we'll find out if Kitty survives the holidays!

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Small Business Saturday

The holiday season is officially here!  While everyone is polishing off their leftover turkey and stuffing, we're all thinking the same thing - SH*T! Did I get my holiday shopping done?  Well - have no fear!  East Side Mags is HERE with some awesome holiday news and deals for YOU - the people!

Alexia Veldhuisen - artist extraordinaire and Kubert School graduate - will be here sketching for customers!  Do you have an artist or art fan in your life?  This is the PERFECT gift - the gift of original art! Pick a blank cover and included in the purchase is a FREE pencil sketch.  But wait - there's more!  You can upgrade to black & white inks and/or full color (or buy a commission) and pay the additional charge to the artist directly!  That means you get a piece of original art, you've supported your local comic shop AND you've supported a local artist ALL IN ONE SHOT!  Happy holidays to EVERYONE (literally).

We're also having an awesome SALE on tons of merchandise throughout the store! For ONE DAY ONLY - we're giving you:

20% off the following items:

  • Trade paperbacks
  • Hardcovers
  • Action Figures
  • Novelty Items
  • Select Wall books

plus you can get 50% off:

  • Bin back issues
  • Statues

and as always we've got our dollar comics special - get 12 for $10 or 25 for $20!

Finally - we'll have a really awesome Batman/Harley Quinn coloring station that's FREE for kids or really anyone who wants to join in!  We're having the coloring station in part with Montclair Center BID's AMEX Small Business Saturday Passport program!  Pick up your passport on Church St. in Montclair on 11/25 and take it to participating businesses and get stamps.  Once your stamps are collected, you are eligible to enter to win a ton of great prizes from a ton of local Montclair businesses!  To get our stamp, all you need to do is color in an awesome Batman or Harley picture!  It also makes a really great gift too!

Last - we'll have our famous dollar raffles!  Raffle prizes will get listed on our Facebook page so LIKE US today and get all the updates!

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NJ Comic Expo

New Jersey Comic Expo is an annual event held at the New Jersey Convention & Exposition Center each Fall. It's a celebration of comic books and pop culture that showcases the exceptional works of talented writers, artists, illustrators and creators of all types of pop culture.

Join East Side Mags at the show!  We'll have dollar comics, discounted trades and hardcovers, wall books and some surprises!

Joining us at the show are some truly awesome friends and creators like:

For tickets and more info, check out NJ Comic Expo's website.

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Local Comic Shop Day 2017


Just in time for the holidays - it's LOCAL COMIC SHOP DAY 2017! 

We're super excited to be a part of this awesome celebration and we can't wait for everyone to join us!

This year - there are a TON of great exclusives that are ONLY available at participating comic shops!  There are special variant covers for a bunch of single issues, some really awesome exclusive hard covers and even a Mighty Morphin Blind box, a WWE print and a Calexit bandana!  Check out the pics!

In addition, we are happy to host one of the hardest working indie artists we know (and we know a bunch) - Mr. Chris Campana!  Chris will be here starting first thing at 10AM until about 3PM!  Just look at the amazing work this guy does! Come by and get a rad sketch from Chris and support a local artist in your favorite local comic shop!

Since this is our 3rd LCSD, we're also digging up all the other LCSD exclusives we still have in stock - ALL OF WHICH are available for 50% OFF!  That's right! Did you miss the Space Riders HC? How about the hard cover of Dr. Strange - The Oath? Still looking for that Avengers Marques variant?  Come on by and get it with a HEAVY DISCOUNT!

You can also stock up early on some awesome comics!  For local comic shop day, we're giving you 20% off ALL BACK ISSUES and 10% ALL TRADES AND HARD COVERS!  Don't forget we've got dollar comic deals and a 3 for $25 on regularly priced FUNKO POPS!

See you all for the celebration!

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