All ages welcome on this roller coaster adventure as we follow Pix - the self-proclaimed fairy princess slash super-powered teenager as she tries to prove herself to the world!  Get ready for a wild (and, er, weird) weekend with Pix!

Great for all ages from Gregg Schigiel!  This book will be WIDELY available in January but you can get it right here at East Side Mags starting YESTERDAY!!!

A manga-style over-sized comic, Nensha follows Izumi as she learns not to mess with or take things from Chouko - a girl she knows.  Here's the catch - rumor has it Chouko is a witch!

Between the visions and insomnia, Izumi finds everything slipping further away.  Is too late to make peace with Chuoko?  Find out right here!

We also have (2) prints available featuring art based off the book!  ONLY 2!  Get 'em while they last - but not if Chuoko wants one.  Just let the girl have it or you could end up on her bad side!  Bwah hahahaha!

Written and drawn by Bee Tee Dee, this over-sized comic is great for anyone who's a musician, knows a musician or just likes music!  The book details a very crafty plot by Dave Tobin and his friend Wallace to cover famous songs and make them their own by wiping out musical history using a "magic" tree they find in the forest!  Make sense?  Still with me?  Good!

Come pick up a copy and support a great local artist.  Volume 1 is on our shelves and ready to find its way into the hearts and ears of every music and comic book fan out there!

Spirits is about 2 brothers - one of which has sixth-sense type powers allowing him to see spirits.  On a seemingly normal trip to Grandma's house - Will and Kenny embark on an adventure into the spirit world they will NEVER forget.  With super-cool ninja Nora, will Will find Kenny?  Will they make it out alive?

Come pick up a copy and find out!

Princess Zoe and the Mer-Bird is a book written by Sandra Shane Brower - an East Side High School (Paterson, NJ) graduate - currently living in the mid-west.  The book is an all-ages gem revolving around the ethos that we're all different and different is OK!  This book is up-lifting and a great read for kids of any age - and even adults!  Come by and take a look for yourself!  Heart-warming and fun!

Artist: Janimal

Janimal is a comic book creator and mammal.

Commonly referred to a cross between Calvin and Hobbes and Lethal Weapon, The Adventures of Pogi Boy and Big Brown Monkey (Pronto Comics) explore the relationship between a boy and his, well, monkey!  

Timeshark is a shark that travels through time and can talk and breath air from the help of his "timewatch" in an effort to stop the nefarious Jeff - the acid spitting llama.  Got it?  Good.

Both books written and drawn by Jan Marc Quisumbing (also, he's the Art Director for Pronto), these all ages appropriate comic books are a great addition to any collection.  To sweeten the deal, we have signed copies addressed to the lucky East Side Mags customer who buys it!  Come check it out!

Artist: Allie Biondi

Ella's Electric – Comic book creator local to Montclair, NJ.  

Ella's Electric tells the story of Ella becoming a famous musician in a rock band - but first she has to get past robots and talking animals!

Artist: Eric Davies

Hero Machine #1 and #2 – Comic book creator local to Montclair, NJ.  He premiered Hero Machine at Mocca in NYC in 2013 and it has been an all-ages HIT ever since!

Hero Machine:  The idea is for kids to not only enjoy the story, but also to be engaged enough to create their own superheroes using the build-able HERO MACHINE that comes in Issue #1.  That’s right – art ‘n’ crafts meets comics!!! 

AuthorJeff Beck
Categoriesindie comics

Artist: Kayla Miller

Writer/Illustrator for Creep and Small Thing – Kayla Miller is a cartoonist/illustrator who studied at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

Creep, Issue 1:  Find out how fruit punch and peer pressure turned Riley Russell into a weird (and kind of creepy) super hero in this origin issue!

Small Thing:  A short comic about a tiny girl!

AuthorJeff Beck
Categoriesindie comics