Z is a customer of ours and there was an immediate connection.  Like most of our customers, Z collects.  He collects lots of things but not just comics or toys or statues or action figures.  Z collects anything related to Black Pop Culture!  His collection is expansive and includes - but is NOT limited to - comics, toys, tapes, vinyl records, CDs, posters, you name it!  He even has cassette recordings from throw-back hip hop radio programs from the 1980's!!!  His collection is VAST and spans the entire third floor of a house - floor to ceiling!

Here are some SMALL samples of his collection:

Z comes in regularly, looking for new things to add to his ever-expanding collection and always has something cool to share with us or turn us on to.  One thing in particular is this video featuring classic images from the Fantastic Four cartoon of the late 1960's:

Amazing, right?  You can also check out Z's internet contributions below.  Collections like his bring it to another level entirely!