East Side Mags had the pleasure of hosting two AMAZING and SUPER TALENTED comic creators yesterday - Erica Schultz and Claire Connelly!

Both ladies worked together on their book called The Unauthorized Biography of Winston Churchill: A Documentary which basically finds Winston Churchill traveling through time and dinosaurs!  Yes, I said Churchill and dinosaurs!  If that doesn't make this comic a must-read, then I have no idea what does!

Erica is hilarious!  She got some great stories from working in comics and a real pleasure to hang out with!  She's worked on a ton of stuff like M3 - about a female assassin on the run and has also worked on both issues or Rise:  Comics Against Bullying by either writing the stories, editing them or both!  Most recently, she's worked on the Swords of Sorrow one-shot featuring Masquerade and Kato.  She will also be lettering all of the upcoming Swords of Sorrow issues by Gail Simone!  You can check out Erica's work, especially M3 right here.

Claire Connelly is one of the nicest people in this industry.  She a super talented artist and has a ton of indie books out now!  You can check out some her art and writing at her website - claireconnellycomics.com.  If you're looking for a place to start, The Hunter's Moon, Looking Up and Animals are some of my personal favorites!!!

Both ladies were super nice, fielded tons of questions from customers and were great company on a Saturday afternoon!  They even took the time to draw on some sketch covers for display in the store!

Here's the cover Claire drew:

and here's the cover that Erica drew:

Overall, we had a great turnout and it was so much fun to have the chance to hang out with Erica and Claire!  They have some really fresh perspectives on the comics industry, they definitely know their comics trivia and are a blast to hang out with!

Oh yeah - Adrian "the" King stopped by to hang out and record some sound bites for his podcast - Adrian Has Issues!  He also snapped all the great photos on this page!!!  You can check out his site here.

East Side Mags would like to thank Erica, her husband A.J. and Claire for coming out to the shop, hanging out with us and signing/sketching for all our customers!  I know everyone had a blast and we look forward to hosting them again in the near future.

If you are looking for amazing and amazingly talented women in the comics industry, you need look no further than Claire and Erica!!!