...and we've got the BEST FRIENDS in the whole wide world!

On Saturday, July 18th, we celebrated our one year anniversary in STYLE!

To honor the occasion, we brought out some pretty heavy hitters to celebrate along with us!

Archie artist extraordinaire, Fernando Ruiz was here to wow the crowd with his stellar drawing skills for Archie fans and comic fans alike!  As the artist on various Archie titles including the new Archie vs Predator series, it was a complete honor hosting him for a second time.  A nicer guy there never was, Fernando came here right after teaching his class at the amazing Kubert School to "wow" our customers with his talent! Here is an example - a sketch cover he did for us on our Spider-Gwen #1 blank cover.

New to the scene, Isaac Goodhart was on-board as well.  He draws a new comic called "Postal" for Top Cow and currently resides in Astoria.  He and his lovely girlfriend were nice enough to come check out our little slice of heaven here in Montclair, sign copies of the first trade paperback for Postal that just came out and sketch for our customers!  Here's a little something he whipped up for us.

Joe Caramagna, the AMAZING Marvel writer, joined in the party too!  He signed copies of his work that include Avengers Vs, Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble, Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors and SO MUCH MORE!  Joe is a Jersey-guy unlike any other and, although he doesn't draw much anymore, even he got in the action by sketching us this amazing piece:

Last but NEVER least, our good friend and neighbor Brian Smith - artist and writer for books such as Spongebob Squarepants, Stuff of Legend, Voltron Force, the Intrepid EscapeGoat and MORE - came by his LCS (local comic shop for those wondering) and hung out with fans, customers and friends while sketching, signing and even ran home to grab some original art he'd been working on in his free time to show some fans including US!

NOTE:  Special shout-out to Greg Schigiel (artist/writer for Pix) and Stephen Coughlin (artist/writer for Sanctuary) for stopping by and hanging out with us!  We really do have the best friends!

If you thought all that wasn't amazing enough, we held an all day raffle called PACK WARS.  See - you buy a pack of baseball cards and when raffle time came, we would see who had the best stat for the prize - most home runs, fewest strike outs, most innings pitched, best on base percentage, etc.  Check out some photos below of all our amazing winners!

The day ended with a STELLAR, AMAZING, OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD performance by a local band comprised of some of Montclair's most talented high-schoolers - Tula Vera!  They performed in the store and ROCKED IT!  You can check out the videos but it doesn't do them justice.  They are destined for greatness and it was an honor having them in the store.  The future of rock looks bright indeed!!!

To top it all off, in style, we received this from Mr. Stan Lee himself!  BIG THANK YOU to Chuck Robertson for making the connection and being an all-around awesome guy with great sons!

Needless to say, we had a blast!  We have met some amazing people who work in comics and some even more amazing customers who truly love comics, art, stories, reading and fun over the last year and it looks like we'll be here for a long time to come!  We swell with great anticipation about who we'll meet in the next year and the years to come!

Thank you so much to all the artists, writers and - most of all - the customers and fans of comics for keeping the medium (and us) alive and thriving!  We couldn't have done this without all of you and your support and our greatest pleasure is paying that back to you by hosting fun, exciting and entertaining events for you to attend and enjoy!

Keep it coming cuz we're not done yet...

Much love,

Everyone involved at East Side Mags

East Side Mags had the pleasure of hosting two AMAZING and SUPER TALENTED comic creators yesterday - Erica Schultz and Claire Connelly!

Both ladies worked together on their book called The Unauthorized Biography of Winston Churchill: A Documentary which basically finds Winston Churchill traveling through time and dinosaurs!  Yes, I said Churchill and dinosaurs!  If that doesn't make this comic a must-read, then I have no idea what does!

Erica is hilarious!  She got some great stories from working in comics and a real pleasure to hang out with!  She's worked on a ton of stuff like M3 - about a female assassin on the run and has also worked on both issues or Rise:  Comics Against Bullying by either writing the stories, editing them or both!  Most recently, she's worked on the Swords of Sorrow one-shot featuring Masquerade and Kato.  She will also be lettering all of the upcoming Swords of Sorrow issues by Gail Simone!  You can check out Erica's work, especially M3 right here.

Claire Connelly is one of the nicest people in this industry.  She a super talented artist and has a ton of indie books out now!  You can check out some her art and writing at her website - claireconnellycomics.com.  If you're looking for a place to start, The Hunter's Moon, Looking Up and Animals are some of my personal favorites!!!

Both ladies were super nice, fielded tons of questions from customers and were great company on a Saturday afternoon!  They even took the time to draw on some sketch covers for display in the store!

Here's the cover Claire drew:

and here's the cover that Erica drew:

Overall, we had a great turnout and it was so much fun to have the chance to hang out with Erica and Claire!  They have some really fresh perspectives on the comics industry, they definitely know their comics trivia and are a blast to hang out with!

Oh yeah - Adrian "the" King stopped by to hang out and record some sound bites for his podcast - Adrian Has Issues!  He also snapped all the great photos on this page!!!  You can check out his site here.

East Side Mags would like to thank Erica, her husband A.J. and Claire for coming out to the shop, hanging out with us and signing/sketching for all our customers!  I know everyone had a blast and we look forward to hosting them again in the near future.

If you are looking for amazing and amazingly talented women in the comics industry, you need look no further than Claire and Erica!!!

We're sitting on Cloud 9 right now and had the best day with Ron Marz and Tom Raney!

Ron Marz is a personal favorite of mine as I basically went through my teenage years of discovery at the same time Kyle Rayner was figuring out what to do with that Lantern ring of his.  When East Side Mags opened, one of the things I knew I had to do was meet Ron in person, thank him for the amazing stories he wrote (and continues to write - see John Carter Warlord of Mars, Skylanders, etc.) and find out if he'd be interested in coming to the shop for a signing.  Needless to say:

Picture courtesy of Steph Vargas

Tom Raney is AMAZING!  His art is fantastic, detailed and so crisp!  He breezed through at least a dozen sketches for customers today and he made it look effortless!  Check out the Facebook or Twitter feeds for some customer-posted pics but here's one of our Zombies Vs Robots sketch cover that we was gracious enough to do for us!

Great new friends and getting to host a legendary comic book writer 20 years in the making - like Ice Cube said - it was a good day...

Picture courtesy of Steph Vargas

East Side Mags was proud to host Paul Castiglia and Fernando Ruiz today in-store.  Writer and artist for Archie Comics, Paul and Fernando were amazing guests.  We stocked up on all things Archie, Paul brought some of his own work like Midnight Marquee Actors Studios:  Vincent Price (in which he wrote a chapter) among others and Fernando provided free sketches for our customers and signed copies of his work from Life with Archie, Archie's Weird Mysteries (of which he worked with Paul), Death of Archie, Archie's Favorite Christmas Comics and so much more!

Two nicer guys - you will NEVER meet.  Happy to talk to their fans about Archie or comics in general, they came, they saw, they drew and they laughed!  It was a true pleasure to have these guys with us today and extend the Halloween celebration for one more day!

Thank you to Paul and Fernando on behalf of Montclair and East Side Mags!  We had an amazing time!

On Sunday, August 17th, East Side Mags hosted Ms. Kayla Miller - creator/artist/writer for indie comics CREEP and SMALL THING.  The response we got was incredible with familiar faces and new ones coming out to see Ms. Miller and check out her work.  

CREEP is a full size comic about a boy who, through an accident combining electricity and fruit punch, gains super powers.  Issue #1 is on our shelves as we speak!

SMALL THING is an ashcan comic and features a short story about a small girl.  We don't want to give too much away but the art and writing are amazing and quickly becomes a must read!

Check out some photos below of the signing and of Kayla herself!  She was the very first indie comic artist to take the plunge with ESM and our partnership continues to grow with more and more copies of CREEP and SMALL THING moving out the door at an incredible rate!

Check out both comics today!  You can find more of Kayla's art/writing here.