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Writer Signing - Ron Marz with Tom Raney

UPDATE:  The extremely talented TOM RANEY will be joining Mr. Ron Marz for our signing on April 4th.  Tom has done covers, pencils and/or art for a plethora of titles including but not limited to:  Black Widow: Deadly Origin, Uncanny X-Men, New 52 Future's End #30, Ultimate X-Men, Warlock Chronicles, Outsiders, Thor, Threshold, Stormwatch and Avengers Academy!  He will also be providing FREE head sketches for our customers!

The amazing Ron Marz will be coming to East Side Mags to meet his fans and sign copies of his work.

Ron has been a part of the comic book industry since 1991 and has given us some of the most exciting and suspenseful story lines ever seen.

Besides writing 50+ issues of Silver Surfer for Marvel Comics throughout the 1990s, Ron also wrote 80+ issues of Green Lantern for DC Comics!  Ron was responsible for the Emerald Twilight story line where Hal Jordan basically goes mad with grief, becomes a mass murderer and destroys the Green Lantern Corps - leading into Kyle Rayner becoming a Green Lantern and taking over the sector 2814!

Other writing credits for Ron include (but are not limited to):

DC vs Marvel series

Batman/Aliens (DC Comics)

various Star Wars Comics (Dino Entertainment, Dark Horse)

Witchblade (Top Cow)

Cyberforce (Top Cow)

Ion (DC Comics)

Skylanders (IDW)

Thor #460-471 (Marvel Comics)

What If?... (Marvel Comics)

X-O Manowar (Valiant Comics)

Artifacts (Top Cow)

You can see the entire list of Ron's body of work on his website here.

We are extremely excited to host Ron who is a living legend in the comics industry and hope everyone can make it out to meet him!  We'll have copies of his work on hand if you want to get something signed or you can just pick his brain about what the industry was like in the 1990s vs today and real insight into what it's like working on some MAJOR books like Silver Surfer, Green Lantern, Witchblade, Skylanders and more!