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Live Music - Waiting for Sunset (First show in over a decade) & Fiddy Shades

Here it is ladies and gentlemen!  The revenge match you've all been waiting (for sunset) for!  See what I did there?

Just kidding.  No revenge.  Just dominant rock & roll!

First up - Fiddy Shades - indie pop from the wilds Wilkes-Barre, PA.  You can check out the righteous vibes here!

Then, the set you've all been waiting 10+ years for!  WAITING FOR SUNSET!  Rock & Roll straight from the time capsule!  They just don't make music like this anymore, I tell ya!  

Show starts at 8pm so get your sh*t-kickers on cuz it's gonna be a rockin' good time!

ROCK ROCK ROCK (can I say it anymore?)

You can "check in" to the Facebook event here.  See you there, uh, here.  Yeah!