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Make Music Day 2019

Join Make Music Day at East Side Mags. One of many locations for Montclair Make Music Day 2019!

6:00 pm - 6:45 pm: Rainbow Vision
7:00 - 7:45 pm: Even Eden


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Cosplay Karaoke - The April Showdown!

We’re sorry, did you expect to be done after ONE?!

Cosplay Karaoke is alive and kicking, and ready to party! Come on down and rock the night away, dress code is your best cosplay and nerdy ensemble! There'll be fun, music, prizes, and shenanigans galore!

Swing by East Side Mags in Montclair, NJ on Saturday, April 20th, starting at 7 PM!

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Cosplay Karaoke

You wanted it? You got it! Cosplay Karaoke is BACK!!

Join Cape Swoosh Productions and East Side Mags on Saturday, February 9th at 7 PM as we rock the night away with killer tunes and crazy cosplay! There may even be a prize or two for the costume and the song of the night...but of course the REAL prize is the friends we make along the way.

Swing on by and dazzle us!

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Travis Love Benson

We’re hosting our favorite anti-folk artist Travis Love Benson and friends! Check our this awesome message from Travis himself:

Hello! Come over to one of my favorite venues SLASH comic shop East Side Mags and buy comics while you listen to these AMAZING Anti-Folk performers:

-Sourdoe Band - They're here, they're in your face, they're my favorite people!
Travis Love Benson - Ever sang along to a song whose lyrics were "WIsh I were dead?" Want to? Travis Love Benson is anti-folk, emotion, performance, and real existing human being just trying to tell their story to anyone who will listen.

It's gonna be an amazing time! See you there! 

~Travis Love Benson
Unloveable Productions

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Make Music Day Montclair Day 2

Mind Hazard is a classic/alternative rock band from the Montclair, New Jersey area. We have an eclectic taste in music and as we listen and learn new genres, we find it always has an influence on our future writing style.
AC Borress - Guitar
Max Muñoz - Vocals & Keys
Spencer Thron - Bass
Justin Wojna - Drums
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
Mind Hazard will be playing a 45 minute set at East Side Mags. This will be a part of the Montclair Make Music Days events occurring all across Montclair. Come out for some great rock music from Mind Hazard!

Then stick around for Back Pocket Alimony at 7pm!

Members include:

Michael Telewiak - Bassist
Jeff Gale Beatty - Guitarist
Louis Aduko - Drummer
Marshall Aviles - Vocals

Based out of Montclair, NJ, Back Pocket Alimony play pop punk / alternative / mathrock / emo and will rock you down to your very soul! You can check them out at Back Pocket Alimony or on IG @backpocketalimony

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Make Music Day Montclair Day 1

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Montclair Make Music Day 2018

Let's Make Music Montclair! Join us for a very special Montclair Make Music Day event featuring:

scott and tiny instruments.jpg

Scott & the Tiny Instruments

Scott & the Tiny Instruments @ 4pm with a mass appeal at 4:30pm.  What's a mass appeal? A community performance piece open to the public.  Scott & the Tiny Instruments will be leading the charge with everyone performing a rendition of Clique/REM song (I am) Superman! Come be a part of the mass appeal! It's going to be a LOT of fun!



Skuz @ 6pm - grindcore at its finest from the depths of Montclair, NJ!  Described as coffin mincers, these guys have been "destroying your ears and marriage since 2014".  DO NOT miss these guys! You have been warned!



Palmarosa @ 7pm - PALMAROSA is five-piece band from NJ covering all your favorite alternative, punk, new wave, and modern rock artists. You'll hear the hits, deep-cuts, and b-sides from bands like The Ramones, Bowie, B-52s, The Killers, The Cure, Arcade Fire and more. PALMAROSA brings a fun, passionate, high-energy rock n' roll show! No two shows are ever the same.

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Pre-Free Comic Day Music

Join us for a VERY SPECIAL event!

We're getting ready for Free Comic Book Day AND Montclair Center's Center Stage Music Festival (both on May 5th) and we've got some amazing musical acts performing in the store!

Admission is FREE and we'll have some cool give-a-ways and raffles going on!

The line-up is:

5pm - Travis Love Benson

5:45pm - Antoine Poncelet

6:30pm - Rockstar Racecar

7:15pm - Tula Vera

Come hang out, check out some awesome bands and get ready for a day you'll never forget!

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Cosplay Karaoke

Cape Swoosh Productions and East Side Mags present Cosplay Karaoke!

Ever want to see Batman sing David Bowie? Now’s your chance!

Come down to your friendly neighborhood comic book shop in costume as your favorite character and have some fun singing classics with your fellow geeks.

We’ll have prizes for the top 3 cosplays and a SPECIAL PRIZE for the best singer/performance.

Cosplay Karaoke starts at 7pm on Saturday, December 2nd!


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East Side Mags at VANS WARPED TOUR

You read that right.

East Side Mags will be at this year's f%!#ing VANS WARPED TOUR in Holmdel, NJ!

Get the ROCK out cuz it's about to hit the fan!

Yes - we will have a booth.

Yes - We are there partnering with Valiant Comics with their awesome books for sale!

Yes - We will have the remaining copies of our GWAR exclusive store variant!

Yes - We will have our punk rock homage t-shirts!

Yes - We will have FREE GIVEAWAYS with every purchase!

No - We will not be able to give you backstage access, but

YES - We are as excited as you are!!!

Check out the awesome line up for this year's Vans Warped Tour at

Get tickets at

Give us a shout and let us know if you'll be there!

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Make Music Day Montclair 2017

It's that beautiful day again - Make Music Day Montclair 2017!  That wonderful day where businesses all over Montclair celebrate music and those who make it and East Side Mags is ALWAYS on board for that!

In TRUE ESM-style, we are bringing you the best live music we can get our hands on and that includes:

Brielle Liebman @ 5pm - Brielle Liebman is a singer/songwriter and guitarist from New Jersey. She began singing and songwriting during her elementary school years, and started playing guitar during middle school. She grew up listening to the Beatles, Springsteen, and 90's alternative rock. As the years went on, her interests in music expanded to folk greats like Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, and punk music like The Clash. Currently, she is inspired by many genres and artists. "I draw my inspiration from many different types of music," she says, "my playlists might seem random to anyone but myself; I could be listening to Fiona Apple one minute, and jump to Pakistani Quawwali artist Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan in the next." She is concerned with the artistry of music and lyrics, as well as the power music can have to change the world. Aspiring to be like Joan Baez, or Pete Seeger, she often writes about social justice issues, and seeks to teach through her songwriting.

Rockstar Racecar @ 6pm - Tween punk trio *Rockstar Racecar* plays solid originals and classic punk covers at festivals, clubs and special events.  Led by the multi-talented *Troy Donohue* (guitars, keys, vocals), the band is supported by bassist *Heaney*(no first names, please) and *The Wolverine* on drums (named for the vicious and unforgiving badger, not the famed mutant superhero). Their tracks can be heard on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.  The boys will be spending their upcoming spring break at the renowned *Temple of Tuneage* recording their first professional EP.

Palmarosa @ 7:15pm - Palmarosa is six-piece band from NJ covering all your favorite alternative, punk, new wave, and modern rock artists. You'll hear the hits, deep-cuts, and b-sides from bands like The Ramones, Bowie, B-52s, The Killers, Muse, Smashing Pumpkins and more. Check out Palmarosa to see a fun, passionate, high-energy rock n' roll show!

Palmarosa consists of these six cool people:
Alaina - Vocals
Laura - Keys, Vocals
Madeleine - Rhythm Guitar
Lisa - Bass
Ben - Lead Guitar
Drew - Drums

So join us for an awesome day of rock n roll and good time vibes!  Enjoy the beautiful weather and rock with us!

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Three Year GWAR-niversay

East Side Mags was born on 6/14/2014.  According to the Chinese Astrology, one of our lucky numbers is 3 - which is great cuz this is our THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

It also says we were "born" in the year of the Horse so, naturally, we're going to have enough fun to choke one! :)

Since we've hit this legendary 3-year mark, we've decided it's time to up the ante and get in the store exclusive variant game!  Lots of publishers offer this for a variety of comics but - like a first tattoo - we wanted it to be meaningful and special to us - before we just go hog-wild and get whatever looks cool.

Our decision happened to be an easy one - GWAR Orgasmageddon #1!

Why such an easy choice?

  1. Gwar is a kick-ass rock band and everyone knows East Side Mags is all about rock n roll!
  2. It's written by one of our favorite writers - Matt Miner - who wrote Liberator and Toe Tag Riot -  2 of our favorite Black Mask comics EVER!
  3. Our store exclusive variant is drawn by Sean Von Gorman - the hardest working man in comics and an the artist behind Toe Tag Riot (see the connection?)
  4. The comic is lettered by our great friend Taylor Esposito - who has himself lettered something like 400+ comics across a plethora of publishers!
  5. Lastly - did we mention we LOVE rock n roll?

To celebrate our new-found exclusive variant cover, Taylor Esposito, Matt Miner and Sean Von Gorman will be here in person from 1pm-6pm, signing copies of the East Side Mags exclusive, sketching and talking about rock n roll til you're blue in the face!  And we wouldn't have it any other way!

We'll also have PLENTY OF OTHER 3RD BIRTHDAY SURPRISES along the way so stay tuned...

Keeping to our rock n roll theme, we're excited to culminate the day with a kick-ass punk show featuring 2 bands that are near and dear to us:

Thee Volatiles @ 8PM- After a nearly 16 year hiatus, the trailblazing indie rock quartet, Thee Volatiles, which came of age in the late 1980s underground East Village DIY club scene, has been rocking again with disarming energy and intensity.  There was never much tawdry glamor with Thee Volatiles; just raw nerves, and thankfully, we can all start scratching that itch once again.  

Hollywood Ave Reunion @ 8:45PM - For those who don't know, Jeff was in a band called She Could Be King.  His band played a TON of shows with a kick ass rock band called Hollywood Ave from Essex County!  Hollywood Ave had an amazing run, playing shows all over the East Coast and a HUGE fan base with their catchy riffs, sing-a-long lyrics and witty banter on stage.  They were one of the last remnants of the massive punk scene North Jersey became known about for decades!  NOW - they're BACK and better than ever after a brief hiatus as Policemen in Pickups.  East Side Mags is PROUD to have HWA back in action and even more proud to bring them to our store for a reunion show unlike any other!

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Live Music - Eric Daino

Join us for a VERY special musical performance - right here in the shop!

Eric Daino is the frontman and band leader for Denton, TX ska punk group The Holophonics. With The Holophonics and as a solo artist Eric has toured USA and Mexico extensively since 2012. As a producer and recording engineer, he has released a discography of twelve albums with The Holophonics and two solo albums, as well as producing albums for ska/punk bands Shaka, Madaline, and Flip and The Combined Effort.

Eric will be performing from 4pm-5pm on November 27th.  Admission is FREE!!!

We've also got a sale and a signing that day - so you're in for an early holiday treat!

Come rock out with East Side Mags!

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Clearmountain Festival

Who doesn't love a rock n roll?

Join us at the Montclair Women's Club at 82 Union St. for the Clearmountain Festival - a celebration and benefit concert for NJ Arts Education Partnership!

Confirmed bands playing the festival are:

Tickets for the festival are $20 and are available online or right here in-store!

All ages welcome!

A compilation CD of Montclair artists will also be released at the show, with artwork created by local artist Kit Langton and packaging designs created by the local artists at Pavonine Packaging. The compilation will feature unreleased tracks and demos from: Half WaifStolen JarsS P O R T S,Forth WanderersShakai Mondaicranes are flyingWEREBEARSOrgan DealerGoolisBeat Lampers and Gifts.


Presented by Outpost in the Burbs, Sponsored by East Side Mags, and Supported by Missing Piece Group

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Local Music Showcase w/Allure, Parsonage & Wither

East Side Mags is PROUD to present another amazing local music showcase!  Click the band name to check out their respective pages or just come by East Side Mags at 7pm on May 15th for some awesome rock n roll!

First Up - Parsonage

Next Up - Allure (Rock music from NY/NJ)

Last but never least - WITHER (Hardcore from Maryland!)


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Music Showcase with Franchise (NJ) / Sistine (NJ) / Bear Girl (GA)

Did you know East Side Mags is more than just comics and amazing art?  We're about ALL FORMS of artistic expression.  Especially when that artistic expression is some good ol' fashioned rock 'n' roll in your face!

The ESM Music Showcase is BACK, baby, and better than ever!  We proudly present to you:


Bear Girl from Atlanta, GA - sounds like Math Rock / Indie / Post-Something.

Check them out here.





Sistine from Northern NJ - a little lighter Indie Rock to get the mood going

You can check them out here.



Franchise from Northern NJ - a tear-it-all-down, break-all-the-rules Post-Hardcore band with Alt Rock vibes

You can check them out here.

Show starts at 7pm.  Bands will have merch for sale so make sure you support these amazing independent musicians!

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Hip Hop Night at East Side Mags

Because of the recent popularity of comics like Hip Hop Family Tree and the recent release of Marvel's Hip Hop variant covers for their all-new, all-different relaunch, East Side Mags is PROUD to present:

Mr. Egoggles

spinning strictly Hip Hop vinyl classics along with

Noc & Friends

Party starts at 7pm!  We'll be collecting cans of healthy food for donation to Toni's Kitchen - right here in Montclair, NJ!

Get ready!

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Montclair Make Music Day 2015 w/Thee Volatiles & Werebears!

Welcome to Montclair Make Music Day 2015 - a free day of music and music-related events in Montclair, NJ!

East Side Mags is PROUD to host 2 amazing bands! 

First up - Thee Volatiles!  A garage punk quartet our of Montclair, Thee Volatiles is fronted by singer/guitarist Dewar MacLeod and lead guitarist Kevin Delaney.  The band powers our tuneful pop scraps with disarming energy and intensity.  The rhythm team of Maureen Blandino (bass) and David Fink (drums) keep the discerning masses, from pre-teen grommets to gnarled pensioners, bouncing to Thee Volatiles' beat.

Thee Volatiles are playing at 12:45pm.  You can check out some music here.

Next up - Werebears:  Montclair based indietronic two piece!  As the Generalissimo says: 'Nuff said!

Werebears are playing at 1:45pm and you check out their awesome sounds here.

Admission is free!  Come enjoy some amazing Montclair-based music in the most ROCKIN' comic book store on the East Coast - East Side Mags!!!

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Live Music - Waiting for Sunset (First show in over a decade) & Fiddy Shades

Here it is ladies and gentlemen!  The revenge match you've all been waiting (for sunset) for!  See what I did there?

Just kidding.  No revenge.  Just dominant rock & roll!

First up - Fiddy Shades - indie pop from the wilds Wilkes-Barre, PA.  You can check out the righteous vibes here!

Then, the set you've all been waiting 10+ years for!  WAITING FOR SUNSET!  Rock & Roll straight from the time capsule!  They just don't make music like this anymore, I tell ya!  

Show starts at 8pm so get your sh*t-kickers on cuz it's gonna be a rockin' good time!

ROCK ROCK ROCK (can I say it anymore?)

You can "check in" to the Facebook event here.  See you there, uh, here.  Yeah!

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