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Montclair Make Music Day 2015 w/Thee Volatiles & Werebears!

Welcome to Montclair Make Music Day 2015 - a free day of music and music-related events in Montclair, NJ!

East Side Mags is PROUD to host 2 amazing bands! 

First up - Thee Volatiles!  A garage punk quartet our of Montclair, Thee Volatiles is fronted by singer/guitarist Dewar MacLeod and lead guitarist Kevin Delaney.  The band powers our tuneful pop scraps with disarming energy and intensity.  The rhythm team of Maureen Blandino (bass) and David Fink (drums) keep the discerning masses, from pre-teen grommets to gnarled pensioners, bouncing to Thee Volatiles' beat.

Thee Volatiles are playing at 12:45pm.  You can check out some music here.

Next up - Werebears:  Montclair based indietronic two piece!  As the Generalissimo says: 'Nuff said!

Werebears are playing at 1:45pm and you check out their awesome sounds here.

Admission is free!  Come enjoy some amazing Montclair-based music in the most ROCKIN' comic book store on the East Coast - East Side Mags!!!