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Writer Signing - Amy Chu & Rich Douek

Meet Amy Chu.  Amy is an extremely talented comic book writer whose newest release is a Poison Ivy mini-series entitled - Poison Ivy:  Cycle of Life and Death!  FINALLY, Bat-fans rejoice as Poison Ivy gets her very own mini!

Amy has also written stories for DC's Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman, Vertigo's Strange Sports Stories and the Vertigo Quarterly CMYK!  She is the co-founder of Alpha Girl Comics which publishes her own anthology series Girls Night Out and horror/mystery The VIP Room!  She enjoys non-profit work, creating educational comics for the New York Historical Society, Baltimore Museum of Art and the Museum of Chinese in Americas.

Meet Rich Douek.  Rich is a Montclair, NJ local and another SUPER talented writer!  Rich became infatuated with comics at a young age, using his allowance and whatever spare change he could find to buy them off the rack at the candy store near his home in NYC.  Years, later, after building a successful career in copywriting (and filling up quite a few long boxes), he was able to realize a lifelong dream by publishing GUTTER MAGIC, his first original comic, through IDW and Comics Experience.  Check him out on Twitter @rdouek.

Both Poison Ivy: The Cycle of Life & Death and Gutter Magic come out on January 20th and East Side Mags is happy to be able to host BOTH of these amazing talents the very weekend their books hit the shelves!

Amy and Rich will be here from 12pm-4pm, signing copies of their work and answering questions about the industry, their experiences and getting a little educational in the hopes of inspiring young writers (and artists) to follow their dreams!