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Music Showcase with Franchise (NJ) / Sistine (NJ) / Bear Girl (GA)

Did you know East Side Mags is more than just comics and amazing art?  We're about ALL FORMS of artistic expression.  Especially when that artistic expression is some good ol' fashioned rock 'n' roll in your face!

The ESM Music Showcase is BACK, baby, and better than ever!  We proudly present to you:


Bear Girl from Atlanta, GA - sounds like Math Rock / Indie / Post-Something.

Check them out here.





Sistine from Northern NJ - a little lighter Indie Rock to get the mood going

You can check them out here.



Franchise from Northern NJ - a tear-it-all-down, break-all-the-rules Post-Hardcore band with Alt Rock vibes

You can check them out here.

Show starts at 7pm.  Bands will have merch for sale so make sure you support these amazing independent musicians!