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Emma Kubert & Vanessa Solis' Excellent Adventure

It's Kubert-Student Invasion time!

Meet Vanessa Solis.  Vanessa is an artist from the West Coast trying to make it as a comic artist.  She's currently enrolled at the Kubert School in Dover, NJ and wants to create beautiful art that everyone can enjoy!  She is open for commissions and all her art is for sale.  You can follow her on Instagram at @vsolis_art.


Meet Emma Kubert.  Emma is a young artist from northern New Jersey and is currently a student at the Kubert School in Dover, NJ.  She is working towards becoming a comic book artist and illustrator and enjoys creating all kinds of art ranging from cartoon to hyper-realistic.  She is available for commissions and all her art is for sale as well.

Both SUPER-TALENTED artists will be here on June 4th from 12pm-6pm, sketching on blank covers for customers.  


The fine print:

Buy a sketch cover at East Side Mags and get a FREE pencil head sketch!!!  There are also a range of additional options like inked and/or color head, bust and full body sketches available for an additional charge ranging from $15-$50 - depending on what you're looking to get!  Commission requests always welcome!  Pricing may vary.  All monies for additional sketches are paid DIRECTLY to the artist.

You love em! WE love em! Everyone loves em! Meet 2 highly talented artists and go home with some amazing art that will have your friends drooling! (Drool NOT included!)