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Baroque Pop Signing

Inspired by the music of Lana Del Rey, BAROQUE POP is an eighty-page comics anthology featuring seven short comic stories by: Chuck Harrison & Luke Marrone, Daniel Charles & Ashley St. Lawrence (with Scott Ewen), Jennie Wood & Chris Goodwin, Enrica Jang & Jan Velazquez, Mario Candelaria & Katarzyna Witerscheim, Michael Lynch & Mira Mortal, Eric Palicki & Daniel Earls and five portraits by Jim Towe, Adam Ferris (feat. Lesley Atlansky), John Keaveney, Hoyt Silva and Fabian Lelay (feat Lesley Atlansky).  Celebrating love, loss, success and change, these comic creators came together to create this book after finding mutual solace and inspiration in Lana Del Rey's music...

...and East Side Mags is PROUD to bring you a VERY SPECIAL SIGNING featuring:

Fabian Lelay.jpg

Fabian Lelay

Fabian Lelay is a Brooklyn based creator imported from the Philippines. He began drawing comics with his friends at the age of 13 and briefly tried to venture into fashion when he set foot in college. He has used his fashion experience to design characters. And after meeting Magdalene Visaggio (of Kim and Kim) and Katy Rex (of Jade Street), he decided to jump headfirst into comics with Jade Street Protection Services. If you are interested in seeing more of his stuff online, check him out at @rocketsandpens

Ashley St Lawrence.jpg

Ashley St. Lawrence

Ashley St. Lawrence is a freelance artist based out of New Jersey. A graduate from the famous Joe Kubert School, Ashley has worked as a ghost artist on books from major publishers as well as on her own original creations. You can find her on both Twitter and Instagram under @SaintAsh

Daniel Charles.jpg

Daniel Charles

Daniel Charles was born many years ago in a tiny hamlet just outside the bustling metropolis known as Manhattan. His careers varied throughout the years and included, working crew for several bands, waiter and bar back, process server, and journalist. His literary heros include Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Terry Prachett, Jim Steranko, Gail Simone, and a host of others. This is his first foray into fiction (published fiction that is) but hopes to continue on into the future!

Mario Candelaria.jpg

Mario Candelaria

Mario Candelaria is a comic book creator and comedic writer who is constantly on the lookout for new and imaginative ways to bring an authentic perspective into his work. Originally hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Mario currently resides in suburban Philadelphia where he spends his days honing his craft and trying to figure out what exactly a "Wawa" is. Check out @TheOtherMarioC on twitter for more on him.

You can meet these amazing creators on Saturday, August 12 from 1pm-6pm where they'll be signing copies of Baroque Pop and maybe some other amazing books they worked on!  

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