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We offer a wide assortment of new and old single issue comics, trade paperbacks, graphic novels, action figures/toys, games, cards, collectibles, statues/busts, t-shirts, buttons, posters, stickers, independent comics and independent art from local and national artists!!!

East Side Mags  |  7 S Fullerton Ave MontclairNJ 07042 

Are you a regular comic book collector or would you like to be?  Want to make sure you don’t miss a single issue?  Worried about missing out on a new release?  Check out our pull list form!  Complete the form and your information will come directly to us.  You’ll get a call from us within 24 hours to discuss the details and lock everything in so you can start picking up your books right away!  Remember:  Every Wednesday is new comic book day so each week you can pick up the new books released starting then!  Don’t miss a single issue!  Start your pull list today!

Our Story Begins:

Located in Montclair, NJ at 7 South Fullerton Ave, East Side Mags was founded on a love of comics and the determination to make a dream reality. That dream? A fun, colorful and entertaining environment where the community can grab the latest comics or classic ones, inspiring creativity, conversation or nostalgia for all who enter. Did we mention peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants? Wait - that's Xavier's School.

Back to the story at hand - East Side Mags works with the surrounding community through publicly open movie nights where the only admission price is that cost of a can of healthy food that is then donated to local food pantries. 

East Side Mags also works hard to bring the artists and writers behind the comics right in front of your face through artist/writer signings! Though big names always attract great attention, East Side Mags works to get the indie artists and writers exposure through signings where customers get the chance to meet the girls and guys who are sure to be BIG names one day. Then you can say, "I saw XXXX at East Side Mags before they became rock stars in the comics industry." In an industry that is all about collecting, being the person who met the person before they were big is a big deal!

Through a wide assortment offering - comics (vintage and modern), trade paperbacks, graphic novels, apparel, statues, cards, games, toys, supplies, figures, indie comics, indie artwork and one-of-a-kind pieces - East Side Mags is taking the comic community to the next level offering a safe, fun and friendly environment through Magic: the Gathering tournaments, movie nights, artist/writer signings and EVEN MORE coming down the pipe!

Stay tuned because we've only just started!

"The future is unwritten." - Joe Strummer


We offer a comfortable atmosphere to browse, shop and discuss your favorite characters, story lines, events, cross-overs, covers and artwork.  We love talking about new movies, TV shows, web series and other ways comic characters have influenced media and pop culture.

East Side Mags also hosts a large, green chalkboard wall available to kids and those young-at-heart with a passion for art, drawing or graffiti!  We offer the ability to contribute to our chalkboard wall to our customers and passersby – basically anyone who comes to check out our space!  When the wall is full, we take a picture which you can view below here or on our various social media pages.  Want to see your art on the internet?  Come on by and throw something up on the wall!



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